My work is influenced by the Australian Bowerbird, who collects and arranges objects of a particular color in an elaborate courtship display, creating art in order to survive. Coming from a family that includes anthropologists, bird watchers, and a primatologist sister, I carry on this research tradition by showing the activities of hybrid human-animal characters through the lens of an amateur behaviorist. The work engages with the bowerbird’s processes of obsession, collection and display as parallels to human art making and self-presentation. Looking at the bird’s passionate, obsessive relationship with color led me to investigate my own lifelong infatuation with color: in childhood, I often took on the character so in love with green that she would eat anything that color. Constantly on the hunt for more ways to showcase my chosen color, I collect and create objects using a wide range of materials, from stretch fabric to paper to pool noodles, while keeping a sharp focus on one hue or strict rules for color mixing. I arrange sculptures, paintings, found objects and hybrid pieces in installations, waiting to seduce viewers into engaging visually and often physically. I use these installations as sets for performances. The end result of display or exhibition is not always successful in its end goal of engaging others. The work asks why both bowerbird and artist are still driven to collect, make, and display even when their efforts could go unrecognized. 



2013             BA, Visual Arts, Brown University, Providence, RI     
2018             NYC Crit Club, New York, NY           

Selected Exhibitions (*denotes solo show)     
2018              Upcoming Group Exhibition, Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                      The Sprouting, 544 Park, Brooklyn, NY 
2017              Goodbye to All That, Front Door Ghost, Brooklyn, NY
                      Environmental Projection Agency, Bau Haus, Brooklyn, NY
                      Brooklyn Artist Project, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

2016              Home, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                      Source Materials, Bau Haus, Brooklyn, NY
                     Elastic Vistas, The Center for Arts Education, New York, NY

2015              Outlet Invitational, Outlet Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                      Quantum Leap, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                      Seven Arts Gallery Booth, Spectrum Art Fair, Miami, FL
                      *Draped Over Memory, Inter Space Lab and Gallery, New York, NY
                      Small Works, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014            *Furs, Teddy’s Backroom Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                     Class Homeroom, Magick City, Brooklyn, NY
                     New Years Resolution, Studio 274 Water, New York, NY

2013              City in Memory, Providence City Hall, Providence, RI
                      *Bower, List Art Center, Brown University, Providence, RI
                      Annual Juried Student Exhibition, Bell Gallery, Brown University, Providence, RI

2012              Klinton Kidz, List Art Center, Brown University, Providence, RI
                      *Operation: Luv Nest/Mission: Take Back Red and Green, List Art Center, Brown University, Providence, RI
                      Born to Run, List Art Center, Brown University, Providence, RI
                      Grand Opening Show, Exposé Gallery, Providence, RI
                      *Hextuple Lutz, List Art Center, Brown University, Providence, RI
                    SCAC Spring Arts Festival, Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Brown University, Providence, RI
                      The Thread of History, Brown/RISD Hillel, Providence, RI

2017              Artist in Residence, Opossum House, Eugene, OR

2015              Artist in Residence, Inter Space, New York, NY
                      Open Studio Resident, Brooklyn Art Space & Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2013               The William and Alethe Weston Fine Arts Award, Brown University, Providence, RI
                        Creative Arts Council Grant, Brown University, Providence, RI